Lost at Sea: Too Many Tools

When it comes to collaboration in today’s workplace the problem is not lack of tools.  In fact, content creation expert Robin Good has compiled this comprehensive list of collaboration tools that points to the exact opposite problem – too many tools.
Good complied a master list of 31 different types of collaboration tools with helpful links to each tool.  Below are the number of different tools found in three key categories:
  • Project & Task Management (e.g. Trello, Basecamp) – 73
  • Web Presenting (e.g. Slideshare, Prezi) – 29
  • Team Messaging & Collaboration (e.g. Slack, Yammer, Chatter) – 26
Over 70 project management tools and nearly 30 different tools for web presenting!
When we have so many tools designed to help us collaborate, it is no wonder we feel lost at sea when we attempt to work with our team members to achieve shared business goals.  The key question is – how do we select the best tools for the job?  That’s exactly the topic I want to address in this blog series called Foundations of Social Collaboration.