Social. Because Email is SO 2002

In this 2006 BusinessWeek article, “!#@ the E-mail, Let’s Talk,” Diane Brady offers a strong summary of all of the things wrong with email. And this, of course, was before the real rise of social media. The painful truth is that, as much as we may use e-mail, its weaknesses as a means of internal communication grows more evident daily. The big difference, of course, is that companies have adopted email. Social media, not so much.


Our Opportunity = $600 BILLION!

“Two-thirds of the value creation opportunity afforded by social technologies (an estimated US$ 900 billion to US$ 1.3 trillion) lies in improving communications and collaboration within and across enterprises.”  In other words, there is at least US $600 billion in annual value from using social tech tools for communications and collaboration behind the company firewall.  What a remarkable opportunity!

Source: McKinsey Global Institute, report on The Social Economy