The End of Snake Oil

Social media tools can mine data, but do they tell marketers a clear story that allows them to find qualified leads and engage meaningfully?

via Social Media Marketing Tools Aren’t Cutting It.

A Forrester report tells the social media marketing world that what they are doing is not enough.

The smoke clears, the mirrors shatter, and in the end, social media means blessed little unless it drives more business, makes the company work better, or enables the company to better respond to customers.

This is about more than just measurement. It is about stepping back and understanding social media in the context of the entire organization.


Introducing the New Water Cooler

Over a decade after social media began moving into our lives, it is finally moving into our workplaces. Companies around the world are at last awakening to the opportunities social media offers to interact with customers, with vendors, and the wide range of external audiences.

Yet these same firms are lagging in the effort to use social media to enhance the way their people communicate, collaborate, develop products, and remain nimble in the face of growth and change.

The purpose of this blog is to explore why that is so, and to overcome the barriers that prevent social media from becoming the digital sinews of the 21st century organization.

This is a conversation, and we want you to join in. Our quest is to change the world by making our companies, organizations, and government entities work better. We have no monopoly on good ideas, so bring yours.