The New Water Cooler is a blog about social media in the workplace. At its core, The New Water Cooler is based on the ongoing research and efforts of Joab Meyer of Cisco Systems and David Wolf of Allison+Partners to help companies chart a path to integrating social media into their internal communications.

We think the case for using social media as a device to unify and enable organizations is incredibly compelling: unfortunately, management thinking that is stuck in the 1990s and a lack of viable tools is keeping social media from fulfilling this role in the vast majority of organizations. As such, we will focus on two areas:

1. How to change the way management thinks about social media; and

2. What kinds of services, software, and resources are necessary to put what has been a high-tech toy to work for the enterprise.

Originally the two of us were going to write a paper. Then we realized that it was more important to build a consensus, and this blog is a part of that process.

Your input is invited, and not just in comments. If you have links, ideas, or a thoughtful and well-articulated point of view on the subject, let us know. We’re happy to publish it under your name and make it a part of the discussion.

In fact, if you have a comment to make to ANY of our posts that exceeds 100 words in length, send David an email at siliconhutong@mac.com, and I’ll post it here under your name.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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