Share This: Internal communications and the PR person

Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
July, 2012

We talk a lot here about the differences between social media that is directed toward outside audiences, and social media that is directed toward internal stakeholders. At the same time, ideas that serve one can also help serve the other.

While Share This, a compilation of advice from over two dozen specialists, is a more general resource on the uses of social media in PR, there is much to be mined here for the development of internal social communications.  it offers some ideas and guidance that can be of use when you are putting together a strategy for internal social communications. Three obvious examples:

  • Gemma Griffiths’ chapter on social media guidelines is a must-read even for internal comms, particularly as we move toward social  media platforms that have the option to share across porous membrane between internal and external audiences;
  • Becky McMichael’s chapter on open communications offers superb guidance that will help you keep internal social communities polite and civilized while they are still open and candid;
  • And of course, Rachel Miller’s chapter on employee engagement and internal communications hits right up the middle of the opportunities we face socializing our businesses.

There is gold to be mined in this book, and it belongs on the shelf of any internal communicator.