Wisdom from Dilbert: Listen to Skeptics

In addition to the importance of clarifying the business need for enterprise social tools, Dilbert provides additional wit and wisdom on successful social tool implementation.

In short, it is critical to listen actively to skeptics.

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Not everyone will be excited about using new social tools.  In fact, some may even be openly hostile to the entire value proposition of social tools.

Skeptics will generally be in two camps:

1) Active Resistance: Those who openly question the value of social tools

2) Passive Resistance: Others who privately ask the same questions

The concerns of those who actively resist will come to light quickly while those who passively resist will likely require you to proactively reach out to them.  With both parties the goal is the same: listen to and actively address their concerns on a consistent basis.

Not all issues can be addressed – for instance, there may be technical limitations to the tool that you can’t easily influence.  Actively addressing concerns may mean that you are simply honest about what the new tool can and cannot do.  It may also mean you proactively suggest work around solutions and compromise when your are getting too much push back on full social implementation.

Expected Results – Integration into Comms Tool Kit

Through combining a clear articulation of the business needs the social tool addresses and actively listening to the concerns of your skeptics, your business case for the tool can be even stronger.  Through listening to the skeptics and seeking ways to incorporate their feedback you will have more realistic view of the business challenges the tool will address.  In addition, you should also be able to convert some critics into supporters that will further strength the change management adoption for the entire team.

In the end, articulating the business need and listening to critics will enable social tools to become an increasingly integrated part of your team’s communication tool box.




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